Holy Spirit, you are the sweetest thing ever, how much can i compare you to, the extent the world need to know  what differentiates we from others is your presence. Sweet Holy Spirit, you made my life smooth and pleasurable. Where else can i find peace if not in the presence of the Peace Maker.

You are  Comforter to comfort me in times of my distress, You don’t look at my mistakes to judge, but always encourage that I CAN STILL MAKE IT no matter how I fall. How sweet is your voice, when you whisper possibilities in place of  impossibility… You are the best practitioner of Love, Kindness, Meekness…

How sweet is your words that amplifies my life, You are the best Advocate ever who speaks for us and justifies us to the Father… Hey, the best counselor ever that guilds me to the place of my future… You are the best thing ever that comes like a bird soundless, peaceful, welcoming to every person that wants you.

For in you have i found treasure and success. through suffering, you trains me always like a gold passing through fire to be refined. In patient have you taught me to be satisfied. In love  have you softened my Heart. In faith, you taught me to create my world. In prayer you taught me to communicate with the father.

Holy Spirit, your love is endless, perfect. You taught me wisdom, prosperity. In partnership you keep teaching your behaviour. In Communication, you taught me how to speak with kind words to both humans and situations in life…

Sweet Holy Spirit, how wish I could still continue talking about you, i will wish to exhaust the words in the dictionary to express you always.


Editorial note:

This article was initially written in 2016, when we started the Express Impacts Magazine