Think big! The bigger your thoughts, the greater your goal the higher you will fly.
I am always saying it and I will say it again: You are not meant to work and die!
You just have to remember who you really are. They are keeping you prisoners of your own mind. You are not aware of the real world but only what you have learned throughout your time. The reason for it is that they can rule over you, they can tell you what you can do and what you can’t. They want you to think you are free when in fact you are not.

You need to listen none other than yourself, you need to find your purpose in this universe.

Remember all that you were doing when you were just a little kid. Did you write, draw? Did you maybe invent something that was, for your age, let’s say advanced?
If you have, try to remember that. Try to work toward that in life. It is far more important for you to do the things you are talented for, maybe even destined than you are to do things you pretty much hate.

Spiritual teachings tell us that if you make wrong by someone, the karmic justice will be brought on you and you will feel the same result. It is of utmost importance that you see that to be true. I know it seems in today’s world that only bad or crooked people are seeing their needs met while good people are living a life of pain, misery.
It is not for us to know who will live in what way, and who will die, but sure as hell we can make an effort to create our own reality. It is universal. What you are is what you get. The law of attraction in its simplest form. You alone give power to everything around you. Words that hurt you, that make you happy. Actions that do the same.


Outside events can really only hurt you and have an impact on you if you let them.

Let’s say you are nervous, agitated, angry because someone said something to you. Your boss gave what you deserved to someone else.

I am not saying you shouldn’t be mad or react. By all means. DO! But do it in the moment, do it as you feel it running through your body, in a cleansing way. Clean yourself from that negative energy you have piled up inside. Your body is your temple. Treat it as such. It is the vehicle for your soul and only when you see that soul is what you need to treat, that looks are more important on the inside than on the outside, you will know, you will start to think big.




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