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How to Turn Your Vision into Passion

Are you passionate about something and don’t turn to yield you result in returns or have you been looking for a way, you could sell your vision out there to people to see and buy your products or service? I have good news for you here and show you how you’re not making many results as you ought to in your business, blog or even something you are hoping to create.

In this post, I’m going to teach you how to turn your vision into a passion. But before we proceed, give a bit of time to differentiate between this two concepts: VISION and PASSION. According to the,

Vision is the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom. Passion on the other hand, is the strong and barely controllable emotions.

Do you live in passion or vision?

This is a question many people can’t differentiate in their lives, that’s why most people are failing in what, they’re ought to do and give attention to the irrelevant things in their lives.

Bear this in mind, you can’t be successful in life by just being passionate about something. For instance, you’re passionate about blogging, business or what ever you’re doing, it’s just a feeling or habit without Vision about it.

Likewise, having a vision without passion is just a dream that can never come to reality. You’ll notice both of them walk side-by-side. To be a successful entrepreneur, blogger, communicator or what ever, you want to be in life, you must understand the concept of turning your vision into your passion. With passion, you can be doable, you can see the reality of your creativity. I will give you three practical steps in turning your vision into a passion.

1. Believe it’s your life passionately and nothing else is.

Give that dream in your heart the belief it requires. Be passionate about your belief system. Don’t assume, just believe that, that’s all you got left to fight for and let nothing distract you from it. Passionately believes gives you a sense of purpose, dedication, direction and endurance in the time of adversity.

2. Pursue it aggressively.

It’s good to have a vision, it’s better to register it in your sub consciousness and it’s best to pursue it with all have aggressively. Vision paints the picture of your future. Passion fuels the fire for it. But actions give life to your vision.

3. Conceive the clarity for it.

It begins with two simple words, ‘clear goal’. If you see the end already bad, you’ll struggle all the way to accomplish it, but if you see the impacts of it, you’ll succeed in it.

Jesus said in the scriptures:

A man, that want to build a tower must first, sit, check and see, if he has enough to accomplish it.

Learn from this,  count your cost and maximise your resources to get to where you want to go.

Here’s the good new: when the vision is clear, the belief is passionate, then the action becomes a joy.

I’ll leave you with these questions, that will help you achieve your dream.

  1. What does life hold for you?
  2. What are the strategies, you’ll use to get it?
  3. Have you put it into actions?

If you’re able to answer these questions effectively, you’re on your way to success.

Thanks for reading, please share to help someone in need today!!!

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