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Unkeptness And Indolence Of The Rural India

How could India be clean without cleanliness in its attitude?

Most of the rural people are in the impossible dream that the government does everything by itself without the initiative by the residents.

Usually, we could see a typical greedy and lethargic character in the rural people. Whenever government announces any of its initiative are schemes of subsidized benefits to the poor, even the middle-class and the rich also crave for the benefits.

I will illustrate a true example of character of people in my village. The subsidized benefits like subsidized rice, provision of landholdings, construction of houses and toilets are procured not only by the poor but also by the middle-class and the rich, just by showing erroneous (low) to income figure in the income certificate, low assets in the assets documents.

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Why? do you think that even though the government is providing many benefits to the rural they are not developing? Because, this kind of hazardous phenomenon is going in the backward areas.

If this continues the rural India would never be transformed into Urban.

For the elimination of this problem, I could suggest few measures:

  1. The government has to appoint required agents who are patriotic.
  2. Government should get verified the financial background of each person through the agents.
  3. Entry of wrong figures in the financial documents should be strictly prohibited and punished.
  4. It should issue a specially designed SRHLH (Subsidized Rice, House and Land Holdings) card to only the poorest of the poor.
  5. Only the people who have this card duly signed and verified by separate SRHLH department, must be provided with the benefits.

Unless this problem is evaluated and rectified, no poor will get access to least needs and the so-called ‘RURAL’ wouldn’t become Urban. This is not suitable to a normal and stable society.

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