Sometimes, when we fall back from our dream(s),  we tend to stop instead of learning, how not to fall again and building up ourselves, better and bigger.

Set-backs always happens, even the very best of us all, in different industries and all walks of life. Failure isn’t a prove that you might not succeed, sometimes, it’s a road-map to learn some necessities and standing up again.

You might have failed in different things, don’t give up your hope. Remember Thomas Edison, he tried an experiment of lightening from nothing, to reality and precisely over a thousand times. He failed hundreds of times without any potential result. But Thomas Edison, didn’t give up when he failed 999th times and he replied,


“I found 999th ways, it didn’t work”

Thomas Edison

What’s that vision, you’ve destined your mind to achieve in life? The greatest harm, you’ll cause yourself, is to let those dreams go down the drains and forget about it.

Instead of being controlled by your set-backs, difficulties or negative emotions, try to turn it into advatages. Here’re few tips, to make your set-back be the greatest advantage in your life, business, relationship, etc.

  1. Ponder on those things you want, out of your life.
  2. Read books or play inspirational messages to boost your mind.
  3. Hang out with people that force you to level up.
  4. Keep fighting until you win.
  5. Believe in yourself.




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