According to a 2017 survey by etiquette authority Debrett’s, 80% of vapers try to be considerate of the people around them, however a whopping one in three non-vapers felt a lack of politeness amongst vapers.

It’s clear that vapers and non-vapers alike are unsure about the social do’s and don’ts around electronic cigarettes. To help you navigate the social minefield that is vaping, the team at Purplebox Vapours have put together a helpful etiquette guide. This handy infographic answers common questions like “where can I vape?”, “can I vape at work?” and “what are the social rules about cloud chasing?”

For example, if you intend to vape while there are others present it us usually a good idea to ask them if they mind before taking it out. What’s more, you should always avoid vaping in confined spaces such as lifts or cars. It is also a good idea to avoid vaping around children or pets.


The area of cloud chasing is one fraught with contention. Over one-third of vapers and non-vapers alike agree that blowing vapour into someone’s face is an invasion of personal space as well as a breach of good manners. Therefore, if you accidentally do this be sure to quickly apologise. It is best to practice cloud chasing within private spaces.

“Good manners are just a way of showing other people that we have respect for them.”

– Bill Kelly, Screenwriter

Of course, etiquette is a two-way street and it’s important for non-vapers to mind their p’s and q’s too. Despite the fact that most vapers took up the habit to cut down on smoking, non-vapers aren’t always sympathetic. E-cigarette users shouldn’t be made to feel uncomfortable or apologetic for vaping and non-vapers should acknowledge the difference between vaping and smoking.

Learn more in the infographic below.



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