Growing up as a child, I have come to the understanding, that to become successful in life,  we have to go and get it (Hustle) and not expecting it to come to us.

My heart leaps, when I see young people everyday going down the drain, hoping to be successful someday, somehow! Hey babe, that’s a wrong path in life.

If I could go back to when I was young, thinking about how big I could be, in the future… I could advice myself, to never give up, never listen to mummy and daddy’s advice but to follow my heart and intuition, in the right time.


You want success? Go get it without looking back, forget popular opinion. You might be wondering, what if I fail? Yes! You must fail, you know why? If you don’t fail, success will look cheap and easy. But, if you do fail, you’ll humble yourself to learn, listened and keep growing.

Therefore, be a good failure, while being hungry for success. Here’s few tips to take you forward.

1. Be hungry for success.

You know what they say?

“Hungry man is an angry man”

Be hungry for success, for more knowledge, more opportunity. Be hungry towards your goals in life and be hungry to get it. Don’t starve your future by laziness. Go and dilute that book in your mind, that you wanted to read.

2. Seize your dream.

Most people never get to where they wished to go! You know why, they just wish. You are responsible for your dream, so seize it with every plans available to you!

3. Build some momentum

Some people set goals, that are easy to achieve. That’s not a goal, that’s a rehearsal.  Set a goal that scares you and make you happy, when achievable. Build a momentum to achieve such goal. Beat yourself, till you get there…

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