To be a good writer, either blogger, content marketer, content writer or other writing endeavors, trust me, it takes time especially, when you just started/starting, but it’s basically easier than becoming a music singer, sport people or even acting etc. Writers are in famous for their self-doubt, whether they’re world-renowned or just another soul, writing. If you’ve commitment and keep to rules of continued improvement, then, there are no limits to how far you’ll go in the writing industry.

Here are drop of 6 tips that will make yo become better writer, that you want to be.

1. Use simple, clear sentences to make your point

To be a good writer, you need to use simple, clean and concise language.  Don’t bug down sentences with extra words and longevity, cut down to the chase as you can and make your point in the simplest language possible. Sometimes it’s better to break longer sentences into the smallest it could be.

2. Be specific.

Be specific as you can, you can use images to illustrate your point in your reader’s mind. It gives visual information in the mind of your readers and draws scenarios to better understand you points. Humans are visual being, we see things when we see or orient ourselves with images. Give your readers enough specification to see your writing into information, whether you’re writing stories, scripts or speeches.


3. Make comparisons to help your readers understand your perspective of ideas

You can make comparisons between two or more things, ideas, their similarities with metaphoric words, similarities with similes or even direct comparisons between them. It helps your readers make comparisons, draw pictorial information in their minds and deepens your writing, to deliver the right message to them.

4. Treat every paragraphs, lines like its own small argument.

Great paragraph should be self-contained. They should have a beginning, middle and end. Otherwise, they don’t move your story along to its destination.

5. Create a sing-song flow by using adverbs.

Adverbs, the words that ends in ‘ly’ and modifies actions, are the bone of many great writers. They give a sing-song flow and feel to writing and bog down the meaning of a sentence in useless little changes. It can also be known as the filler words, like ‘really’ or ‘very’

6. Break all previous rule, when it feels right.

Sometimes, the best way to get your point, across to your readers is a long, winding sentences that packs multitudes of meanings along.

Occasionally, you need all these above to be a good writer, in anything you write about especially in blogging.




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