Intro: As the young Founder / CEO of Express Impacts, I understand that majority of you writers, bloggers & authors find it difficult to get your blog, posts, books and products to the right audience, readers, subscribers and viewers. All these, we’ll help you achieve, from the minute you decided to join the team. We’ve got tools and techniques that will help you on this!

1. Who are we?

As the name implies, as a company, our mission is to help you writers, authors, bloggers, content creators and those of you, that can’t get your writing skills to the right audience. We’re here to help you achieve your passion for free… We’re a team, consisting of vibrant intelligent and sound-minded young people, who had been successful in the Publishing industry and those, aspiring to be exposed in their skills talents and creativity.

2. What’s In For You! What Will Express Impacts Offer You?

From the moment, you decided to join the team, you’re exclusively entitled to the following, “freely”

  1. Whenever your articles get published, we’ll make sure your name, your profile link and your blog/website is included with your articles. For those, that are authors and have a book or product you’re trying to sell, we’ll include that too! All these are automatic as long as you’re a team member. We have Plugins that ensures that’s possible!
  2. We’ll create free advertisement ads space, exclusively for our Express Impacts’ team only! For those, that want our audience to see what, their blog is all about and draw traffic there freely. We’ll create a square and put it in front page too!
  3. Your article(s) will be displayed in front of our audience, instantly after being published within seconds and bear it in mind, if you write article(s) that people find impacting and really love, you may spark a viral trend to go on your website/blog.
  4. Your articles will be getting published on our social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn Instagram (You heard me right INSTAGRAM)and so on… instantly as well as here on WordPress, to also be in front of our social media audience and followers.
  5. Unlike other websites/magazines, where you’re expected to have a certification, degree or whatsoever. Here on Express Impacts, you really don’t need those kinds of stuff, as much you’re passionate too about your articles and it impacts our readers and audience, you’re more than welcome at any time, any day, anywhere!
  6. Are you a new blogger or just want to write somewhere first, to understand how it’s being run in the media industry. Or you just a new WordPress user and don’t want to spend time building up, your own website, you’re welcome here to the team.
  7. Here in Express Impacts, we believe and are passionate about affecting lives positively, you’re welcome if you think this is what you’re up to too. If there is anything else, you think, you want us to know about or do for you. Please feel free to include it in the comment and we’ll try to make it up to you if we can!

3. Topics That Express Impacts Cover.

Basically, we don’t have formal topics that are needed to be covered but if it’s something you’re passionate to write about! From any topics, industries, careers, lifestyle. As long as you’re passionate about it, we are passionate to publish it here at Express Impacts. What our readers can find pleasant, impactful, inspiring, motivating, readable.

4. How Your Article Is Supposed To Be written. The Tone and How’s Of  Your Articles

The tone of your articles should look like:

  • Advice
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Empowerment
  • Guidelines
  • How To’s
  • Ideas
  • Impartation via Experience
  • Inspiration
  • Lists
  • Motivation
  • Tricks
  • Tips
  • Strategies
  • Stories
  • Ways

(Apparently: Anything the readers, our audience can find useful, inspiring, impacting, learn from, can find entertaining and that can be applicable to their everyday lifestyles. If none of this, no publishing!)

What You Need To Know Before Application

i) Self.

You’re allowed to talk about anything including yourself, as long its educational, impactful, inspirational and others listed above here! You’re welcome to Express Impacts.

ii) Tagging & Categorising.

All these are done for you by the Express Impacts’ Editorial Team. All you need to do is after writing your articles, submit and the team will go through it so they can give correct images, tagging, and formal set up your article here on Our Express Impacts’ Website.

iii) Adding links to your website.

You’re welcome to add your blog hyperlink and back-link from any of your already published articles to drive traffic there. In adding a link, please try to inc-operate them in writing and not the ends of your articles.

iv) Adding social media links or other links.

You’re not allowed to add any sort of link, either social media/physical link or whatsoever links. If you want your social link, let us know and we’ll include it in your heading, where your name is. If you violate this, you might not get your articles published.

v) Getting your articles published.

Currently, getting your article published here, we’ll take up to 1 week, which might change depending on increase in demand

vi) Writings.

You’re required to completely write your articles out, consisting of a minimum of 3oo words, willing and strictly by you, if your article is half-way written, copied from other sites, it’ll not get published here, you might be penalized for it and will result in eviction from the team. I’m sure you don’t want that, stay-safe is the best way in here.

vii) Writing about Products Reviews.

You’re Welcome only if, it abides by our terms & conditions.

Want to contact us about becoming a team member?

Firstly, you need to visit our FAQ. If you aren’t satisfied there, then you can contact us here at Express Impacts.


How To Apply!

  1. Visit our registration form here!
  2. Fill out a short form
  3. We will be in touch with you

If you want to apply here in the comment below!


  1. Your First Name, Last Name
  2. Blog/Website, if you have one (optional)
  3. Tell us, what you’re passionate about.
  4. And finally, tell us anything else, you would want us to know!

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