Hey, guys do you want more likes, visitors, shares on your posts, social media links, do you want to a place to voice out your passion to big & wider audience, or do you want to build your blog/website and create a brand (name) for yourself & your services? If yes, you’re in the right place.

We’re here to achieve those dreams of your for you, freely! Yes, I mean freely! Express Impacts is a platform that’s established to voice you, your brand, product, services out as a writer, blogger, content writer, podcaster and YouTube Channels, all for free. We’re here to help and assist you in building your brand and creating a relationship between you and your audience.

P.S. I Know a lot of you find it difficult to share your passion with the right audience, to save you from that long time of getting traffic to your business brand, website or other social media platforms. I, the CEO & Publisher of the Express Impacts have come up with this platform & ways to help you, to achieve that dream of yours and build a niche for yourself, business & brand.

  • Brand Awareness.

We here, on Express Impacts’ Team, we very curious about our brands, writers, contributors, staff, events and we have built a relationship between ourselves and our writers, readers, audience(s), subscribers. We’re among a few social media platforms that have built such relationship with our subscribers, readers & viewers. So, when you join us here at Express Impacts, be rest assured that your brand/services you offer will be appreciated and give our readers and subscriber, the ultimate credibility of your brand and services websites/blog(s).

  • Social Media Publishing.

As a team member of Express Impacts, you are entitled to use our social media platform to publish your articles, products, brand awareness. How it works, is whenever your articles, books, products are published on our website, it’s also published on our social media pages automatically and instantaneously. So, your articles, audios, videos or whatever format you want to Publish, it also gets published on our social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube etc. to widen your scope of free traffic.

  • Free Traffic to Your Website/Blog, Shop, Social Profile.

When you decide to join us here at Express Impacts, you’re expected to update your profile with the necessary bio-data, social media links, website address. So, our readers, that are interested in your post(s) can easily be directed to wherever you want them to go and get a viral traffic there!

  • Writer’s Growth.

For those that want to grow as a writer(s), we’re creating medium to ensure you know the tenets to be a better writer. We’re hosting a seasonal tutorial, videos, training that will teach you how to grow in your writings. These training will be carried out by our top instructors in the field and teaching you how you can maximize the use of some techniques like SEO friendly, Plugins to grow your website/blog and other lectures from successful people in their fields. This is Exclusively for team members only.

  • Free Download, Properties like Copywrite Magazines, Without Payment, to Team Members Only!

Unlike other magazines, we’ll be offering anything that’s worth paying for, that our readers, subscribers pay, freely for you to as team members without any costs of any. Exclusively for team members only.

  • Current Events & Trends.

For those that want to be featured in our monthly Magazine(s) issues, events, authors biography, we are also rendering such opportunities for you to participate in the events, which is exclusively for team members freely.

  • Free Advertisement(s) Space.

As Team Members of Express Impacts, you’re free to advertise on our pages, posts. We’ll create ads for you to get free traffic to your post(s). No cost at all from members only. This people, brands, companies pay some amounts to get their ads on Express Impacts. This will be offered to you for no cost at all when you want.


As a brand & community, this is what is expected of us from our subscribers, visitors, readers & audience in simple terms, the site should be clean, clearly written out, journalistic writings, articular written stories that give our readers, audience, subscribers, a sense of belongings and find interesting to them.

For this reason, we’ve structured out how the site ought to be operated!

How your articles ought to look like (The tune)

  1. Artistic

  2. Advising

  3. Culture

  4. Empowering

  5. Educating

  6. Helping (Self-help) & Guild

  7. Informative

  8. Inspiring

  9. Motivating

  10. How To(s)

  11. Stories (that inspires others)

P.S. Basically, anything that the readers find welcoming, you’re welcoming to write about, share with them. If it’s something else different from this, your post won’t be approved and might lead to eviction from the community.

  1. What We Cover in Express Impacts (Topics)

There are certain topics, categories we cover here in Express Impacts, that our readers, subscribers, audience love passionately. These are as follows:

  1. Arts & Creativity

  2. Beauty

  3. Blogging

  4. Business

  5. Cars & Autos

  6. Culture

  7. Dining (Food & Drinks)

  8. Entrepreneurship

  9. Entertainment

  10. Events

  11. Family & Relationship

  12. Geography & Photography

  13. Housing & Gardening

  14. Information & Technologies

  15. Journalism

  16. Lifestyle (Social, Private)

  17. Media/Social News

  18. Opinions (Political, Social, etc.)

  19. Reality

  20. Reviews (Books, Products, brands etc)

  21. Science & Technologies

  22. Sport

  23. Successful Living (Inspiration, Motivations)

  24. Writings

N.B. If your topic is not here and you’re passionate about it, you’re welcome to join the team. If you’re passionate about and our readers, subscribers and audience find interesting!

  1. How to Apply (Application Process)

It’s very simple! When you visit us here at Express Impacts’ homepage or any post. You’ll find a Sign in/Join button at the top bar. Press the button, to sign up, for new members, press the button to sing in for already exited members (For Desktop/Laptop Users).

For the mobile user(s). You can locate this login/sign up button at the left top of our site with the three (3) lines signify the menu.

For those, who want to join us manually, please visit our sign-up page here!

For those, who want to join us through this post. Drop the following information below and we’ll get back to you.

  1. Name
  2. Categories, you’re passionate about

  3. Website/Social Media Page


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