From time to time, the history of humanity has been relayed to have its core and nucleus centred around. One personality or the other who has left an indelible mark in the test of time by becoming cynosure of all eyes with their popularity. Importance and relevance being known by all and sundry in the annals of human history.

From time immemorial till date, the names and the stories of great men and women have been endless till now, many people are still busy making waves in one area of endeavour or the other with the impact of their sojourn while on earthly pedestal being chronicled and being relayed to the generation unborn.

No doubt about it, being relevant to people around us and our immediate environment requires nothing but our ability to understand the plight of others with a deep longing and want to find solutions to the challenges being faced by them at one point no matter how little the concern and help might be.


Some school of thought and some line of thought believed that being relevant requires a special gift and endowment but deep analytical reasoning and studying of the stories of great men and women revealed vividly that the feats and achievements of these great men and women simply boiled down to passion and vision that have its basis in some basic core values that can be premised as the foundation and a pathway to greatness.

Greatness starts emanating unnoticed, unannounced and gradually when we starts championing a course that will make us relevant by trying our best in being part of the history of people around us and this can be made possible when we become relevant in doing our best in alleviating the plights of downtrodden and the less privileged in the society no matter how inconsequential and insignificant our contribution might be.


  1. Resilience
  2. Persistence
  3. Determination
  4. Passion
  5. Patience
  6. Vision
  7. Challenges–maximizing challenges for opportunities.
  8. Creativity and innovation
  9. Boldness and bravery
  10. Contentment
  11. Trustworthiness and Reliability
  12. Consistency
  13. Responsibility
  14. Responsiveness

These are some of the needed criteria and prerequisites that will trigger the birth of a vision that will be transgenerational.Without ant deviation, these must be adhered to strictly accompanied with total commitment in showing concern until they end up becoming a virtue, a value and a culture to anyone who want relevance and greatness.

Walking on the highway of greatness must not be misconstrued in any way to competing with other feats and it should not be seeing as a tool to outshine, out-smart other achievement and accomplishment. Unhealthy rivalry is acidic and toxic to any feats that is fashioned to reduce the plight of the people.

It must be channelled towards the conception of an idea that is virgin,unique and enough in launching humanity into the realm of freedom and greatness.

Greatness is not about having vision and passion for massive milestone achievements but the greatness of anyone is inherent and embedded in little things being done to salvage the plight of the people from abject penury.

Greatness starts with you, spread from you and radiates from you until it becomes a revelation, a reflection and a testimony in the life of the next person.

Notwithstanding the littleness, greatness lies in every little things done by us to give a smile on the faces of people around us irrespective of affiliations, language, colour, religion, tribe, race, ethnicity and locality.

No one should dream of becoming great if there is no effort put in place to lend a helping hand to the needy, the destitute ,the orphaned and the indigent in the society.

Our society is filled with hopelessness and disrepair but it is until when we go to any length to give hope to others that we can radiates the beauty of greatness that has found a means of expression for a long time.



  1. A natural obsession and focus on everything you do. Perhaps being able to cope with high amounts of stress and fear but still getting it done anyway. Only crazy people understand! Lol


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