Hi, I am new here at Express Impact and I want to share with you something, the knowledge I have recently acquired you might say. Let me ask you a question.

What do you want out of your life?

Do you want to get up every morning, pull on your socks, dress for the job you have to be on for the next 8-12 hours? I don’t think so. The secret to life is that you don’t have to work to live a life full of joy and happiness. What I mean by work? You don’t need to “work” something you detest, something your entire body is fighting against.

You just need to see that you are a human being. You are capable of so many things you don’t even realise. It is not the goal you work for, to live life in peace, to enjoy. It is the journey. What life is left to enjoy after you have spent it all on working? On doing something, tricked into believing it will grant you joy. You are a being of an infinite power, you just have to realise that.

Your thoughts are what you need. It is not the deeds that make your life great. It is not what you do that makes your dreams come true. Your thoughts are your deeds. Your thoughts are your actions. You just have to be honest with yourself to know that what you are doing is right by you. Let me tell you a short story about myself:


I was never a person I am today. I was shy, withheld, scared of pretty much anything. Maybe it didn’t seem that drastic but I knew the truth. Recently I have started to write. Before that, I only wrote when I was a kid. Some 10 or so years ago. Looking at my work from that time today, I realise I have always had a knack for writing. Those poems were not what some 7 or 8 years old would write.

After I have started to write, the chain of events brought me to the realisation of the truth. I don’t know if you believe in spirituality or not and it doesn’t matter. I know it all seems like fiction. Spirits, souls, what not. Yeah, i understand you.

I was like that before. Only then I was a shadow of what I am now. Now I write poetry every day just for the fun of it and my sole purpose to change the world. It is a gargantuan task I know, but that feeling of purpose is all you need. Not money, not fame. You just need to have a sense of purpose in your life and you will do just fine.

I want to share with you a poem I will just now write if you understand what I mean.

What do you want out of life?
Is it an infinite abundance of money and fame?
Or would you rather dance, write, or play?
You realise not that money is fake.
It is not wealth you need, it is your health.
Your ability to think for yourself!
Always keep trying to win
Not against others, yourself!
It is all you need, that sense of purpose
to be free.








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