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What Does Leadership Stands For?

Deep analytical observation about the myriads of challenges bedevilled humanity globally and locally simply revealed that the bunch of challenges facing the entire making can be traced to the dearth of good leadership  that believed in the sanctity of human existence.

With the passion to build an egalitarian society that will make human development the focal goal of their achievement and accomplishment while in existence on the corridor of power.

Though the concept of leadership has been greatly misconstrued as an opportunity to enslave and subjugate subjects for personal gains and aggrandisement.

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Without any iota of doubt,the recent realities obtainable in the history of humanity simply confirmed to a large extent that humanity has lost its midas touch about the essence and necessities of leadership from time immemorial.

This simply accounts for  many confusions that permeates every fibre of human existence now.

Without mincing words,leadership simply entails making and maximising the best of all available resources for selfless sacrifices that will announce the nativity of other great leaders.

Leadership  in its simplicity connotes making ourselves available, responsible, responsive, impact when others are not.

Leadership accommodates by standing in the gap when others refuse to stand in the gap for the benefit of others.

No gainsaying,leadership simply connotes sacrificial selflessness that stand out in instilling and installing mutual understanding and self-respect for both the leader and the lead.

The essence and beauty of leadership is shown when selfless sacrifice is offered to others without any string attached to it.

Humanity will remain endangered if it fails to understand the concept of leadership well which is akin to servanthood and servitude.

A good leader must be a good servant in deed and in act.

Any leader that fails in being a good servant has failed woefully and it can be concluded that such a leader has misconstrue the concept of leadership as a tool of oppression.

With deep understanding of the practicality of good leadership,our world will end up becoming a place where dignity and integrity of every man and woman will be respected.


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Faydeyi Femihttps://mylittlesimplethought.wordpress.com/
Written by Faydeyi Felix Femi. Founder & Owner of The Word Smith Scribe - MLST Express Impacts’ Team Member, Contributor, Media/ News, Religion, Successful Living and writer.

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