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When You Feel Like Quiting

Never make the mistake of thinking everything will fall right into place once you make up your mind to become a success and finally work on towards achieving that dream of yours. There will be days when you will feel like throwing in the towel; but not to worry, it doesn’t mean you will.

What To Do In Such Moments?

1. Expect and prepare for them.

Once you know you will be faced with such times (it’s inevitable), it gives you an edge in dealing with it when it comes. It’s not the feeling that matters, it only shows you are human; what matters most is how you are able to deal with the feeling and move on with your life.

2. Have a strong motive.

Why did you start in the first place? Having the right motive will keep you going any day and any time. One important lesson to draw from this, in particular, is ‘never venture into anything simply because others are doing it and you want to compete with them’. Having this as a motive will wear you out real fast.

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To crown it all up, on days when you feel like quitting, your motivation is a strong force that keeps you going.

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