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Writing in the Storm


Many of us are carried away with our problems, situations in life as bloggers, creative writer etc. Writing is an amazing thing to do and simple as well to do. It’s one thing to have inspiration, to write, blog and it’s another thing to keep that fire burning.

You’ll always come to the point where you feel like giving up but that’s not what you should do at that time. There are four things you should do in that situation which is being calm, think, listen and write

1. Be Calm

Keep calm, be totally silent and let your mind do the work. This stage, all you’ve to do, is to have a meditative place and stay there silently from the storm, where you don’t fell peaceful. Free your mind from everything that is connected to you in the storm. Have that inner freedom you deserve.

2. Think

This’ the stage where you make your mind do the work first. Have a reflective mind on things, experience or maybe what you wanna talk about. Your mind is so powerful to search out ideas, even the deep ones. It’s possible to think even in the storm just by stilling your mind and think.

3. Listen

To listen is to pay close attention to the details your mind is bringing out from idealism. Know everything that concerns the matter. You don’t have to listen with your physical ear but with your understanding ear.


I know it’s for the purpose of sharing information, you did earlier stages. This is the last stage, where you’ve to be creative and documenting your idea into reality. Write share your ideas with the world.

If you want to be creative in your way and live a life of a successful writer, blogger, then you have to follow steps, to keep the fire for writing up, even in the storm.

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