Just imagine you’re carrying a gun without bullet! You’re as powerless as not holding anything weapon, so is your mind. What you’re today is as a result of your current state of mind, or better still what you might call mindset.

But how do you load it? I’m going to  share few 5 tips on how you could load your mind and become that person you want to be!

1. Develop the right mindset.

Growing up as a child was difficult but I kept dreaming of having nice cars, luxury home even to the extent of planning to house a build dedicated for books and personal business workshop in my home. But most times, I tell my friends, they laughed at me and says all manner of stuffs, like I don’t have a wealthy parents, or I don’t live in a rich neighbourhood. So most times, I cry at home, alone blaming myself for becoming poor. But one thing that keeps me going up till this moment is the fact that, I never thought of becoming poor, so that gives me a foundation I believe I can never be poor. Having the right mindset, will set you above your pals, friends, colleagues. No matter what people say, it’s only you that can validate it or invalidate it.


2. Control what you perceive.

A wise man one said, “It’s not what enters a man, that defiles him but what comes out of him!” The truth is, your mind is like a balloon, the more you blow some air inside, the more it expands and become large, suddenly it boosts out. So likewise your mind, the more you perceive something either, good or bad, can control your mind. Be conscious of what you perceive, through the things you read, see, hear and feel. Most times, we can’t control our outcomes but we can control, the entry points of them. Guild your mind because what you keep feeding it, is what’s going to bring out. There’s a popular sayings that

“out of your mind, is the issues of life”

So, if you want excellent things in life, keep feeding your mind with excellent stuffs. It takes deliberate actions to keep your mind on excellence.

3. Select the right associations.

Want to have the right Mindset? Consider the people you associate with, are they the kind of people you could still associate 20 years from now? Are they, the kind of people that could help you achieve a million dollar in the next few days, months or even years. Are they the people that could, help you achieve your dreams? You’ve to have the right association of friends, find them, they don’t always come around, You’ve to deliberately look for them sometimes, because you’re the one looking for something. So select the right associations of friends etc.

4. Take the risk or loose the chance.

This is a quote I had from a friend few weeks ago, for a present. I thought I should include this (lol). Most times, our mind pulls us back to dare new things because of fear. Your mind will always stop you to dare new things because, it’s never used to it. Everyone on the planet have dream, but majority end up in the grave with their dreams because of the fear to take steps that will push them forward.

For instance, let’s say you want to start a new podcast when you don’t know how it works, your mind will always, want to pull out reasons, you won’t succeed on it but there is only one antidote to this problem. It’s action! I remember starting a podcast for this magazine. I was so scared that questions were pupping up from my mind like what if, people laugh at me because my voice is very tiny, I’m not too good in speaking, I’m not well educated and bla bla bla stuffs. So I took my phone and downloaded this Android app called Anchor where I personally do podcast and invite others to talk show with me from the comfort of my home. This Podcast issue is just barely a month old… Check our podcasts channel here>

5. Be informed.

We live in an informative age, gone are the days, we hear news, travel for appointments and many others. Thank goodness, I wasn’t born in those day! It’s more easy to consumes so many contents these says in less than an hour sometimes. You can be informed and know your soundings without you being present when it’s happening. This is another powerful way to keep your mind updated and be current. Their are devices that can help you achieve those things like the popular Amazon Alexia.

Alexia Echo had help me most times, to play worship music because I love worship, reading audio books, playing inspiring quotes, organise my appointments, and also can make calls or read text messages on your phone for you… As an entrepreneur, information is very vital, to help you keep current and reduces the level of living on a to-do list, this device can help so many ways. For as little as £32, you can get this device. Why not get it now? Follow link to get the device Now!>

6. Filter your mind on daily basis.

We all engage ourselves on daily basis and mingle around people, that can build us or destroy us! On daily basis, set out time to filter things that has found their ways into your mind. For instance, maybe you had a busy day at work, thank God It’s Friday, so you could rest for the weekend. Find time, every blessed day of your life to reflect on things that has creeped into your mind and deliberately take them out bout speaking words against it. Your words are very powerful. Do this, especially every night before you sleep for the day. Speak your next day into reality! It’ll help your mind to be positioned for the better. This is one of the greatest tools of successful people in our society today! Learn and take control of your mind.



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